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Winning proposal for Parcels R & S on Octavia Boulevard


Macy Architecture is a versatile architecture firm based in San Francisco, California. 


Founded by Mark Macy, the local practice has realized projects across California, throughout the United States and Internationally. Cultivating a diverse client base has resulted in extensive experience with institutional, educational, commercial, retail, arts-related, and custom-residential projects.

The firm’s work has been recognized by numerous design awards and publications. 

Their extensive knowledge of both standard and alternative construction techniques allows them to design solutions that are elegant, cost effective, and environmentally sensitive. They look for unique, appropriate, and poetic responses to the constraints and opportunities of each project. In all their work, extreme care is taken to conceptualize comprehensively from the general to the particular so that the end effect conveyed is one of thorough and thoughtful consideration.



Southern California Residence


1532 Harrison Co-living development


Peninsula Residence


San Francisco Residence


Parcels R & S - Octavia Boulevard


Cow Hollow Residence


Graduate Center


Design Studios




Art, Science & Technology Center


Creative Agency Office


Creative Agency Office


Retail Store